art is a way to find your way, on a new path.



looking back through childhood eyes 

and then back again 


The Moon Looked Down

I will be showing artwork in the International Peace Day Art show 9/20/15 at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, more info and details coming soon! Here is a preview of the work in the show.

The Latest: Summer 2015

A New Medium

Art expressions combining digital manipulation with my drawings and paintings.


Alice Dreams 36" x 24"
Angels & Spirits 24" x 36"

Highlight of the month:

Featuring Artist & Architect Collaboration

The Pittsburg Civic Center, Pittsburg California.


(click images to enlarge)


  • Fani Hansen, Danadjieva Hansen Architects, Tiburon CA
  • Helen Webber, Helen Webber Art & Design, Kentfield CA


Celebrating the history of the region

as well as the aspirations of the community.


  • 8 Tapestry Murals
  • 6 Banners
  • 40' vertical elevator wall (painted on concrete)


"A building with art is a building with passion" - Fani Hansen